Lucky's Market has been a valued client since launching a multi-million dollar nationwide expansion plan in 2011. Huting Design has been a key player in helping bring a booming new Lucky's Market business to life. With just one store concept in Boulder, Colorado, Lucky's decided it was time to bring their unique approach to Natural Foods to underserved parts of America. In 2011 Huting Design completed an extensive branding project and launched the first of many websites designed to educate, inform, and impress. The iconic Lucky's brand combined with an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly website has resulted in tremendous success. Lucky's has just opened their fifth location and tremendous investment, excitement, and new engery is continuing to catapult Lucky's Market to success. Utilizing our proven SEO techniques currently is ranking at the top of search engines for any search related to "Lucky's Market" or natural foods and the cities where Lucky's are located. Services provided to Lucky's Market include, but definitely are not limited to: logo development, branding, web development, business card design, brochures, store signage, photography, video production, and more. Since partnering with Huting Design in 2011, Lucky's Market continues to grow an an incredible pace.