Jai Johnson's Karate Center

Jai Johnson’s Karate Center exists to enhance their community through the positive and personal development skills of training. Their focus is to provide a safe haven of positive energy and support for our student's mental and physical growth. When Jai reached out to Huting Design their website was dated, full of broken links, and not generating any traffic. Utilizing our proven SEO techniques Jai Johnson's Karate Center now is ranked at the top of every search engine organically. The simply beautiful new website tells their story and makes it easy for visitors to request a free consultation or take advangtage of a free guest pass. Since launching the new site, Jai Johnson's Karate Center has experienced tremendous business growth as well as a huge increase in the amount of new referrals generated from www.JaiJohnsonsKarateCenter.com. Yet another example of how a web site crafted by Huting Design strategically accomplished every one of the client's goals.